Disadvantages of Water Dehydration to Our Body


Water makes about two-thirds of the human body. 70% of this water is inside the body’s cells. With such a considerable amount, water is essential for keeping the body healthy. The amount of water you take should match with the water you sweat, meaning that the water supply in your body is balanced. To maintain this water balance, one has to drink about eight glasses of water each day. When the water supply is not stable, you will experience water dehydration as you will be sweating more than you take. Water dehydration comes with negative impacts on the body. The obvious one is thirsty. Other disadvantages of water dehydration to the body are :



Water dehydration decreases the rate of activity of enzymes in your body leading to fatigue. Fatigue is a health problem that makes you feel low in energy and tired at all time.


Drinking water alone will not help you to burn fat and lose weight. However, water dehydration will decrease the stimulation of the body to eliminate toxins and waste products from the body. Water dehydration will also lead to poor metabolism in the body. With these two, your body is likely to gain more weight.



For your body to properly form solid waste and eliminate it from the body, it requires water. Water dehydration will mean your body will lack enough water to hydrate the intestines and process the food you take. The body will also have little water to remove solid waste from the body causing someone to suffer from constipation.


Infections in the Urinary Tract

Proper functioning of the urinary system heavily depends on water. When your body gets dehydrated, the urinary system is deprived of fluids. By this, you are vulnerable to contracting different types of bladder or urinary infections. One of the most common diseases that you can contract is cystitis.


Digestive System Problems

In the stomach, there are digestive juices produced daily. These digestive juices are essential in the digestion process. A dehydrated body will decrease the production of the digestive juices which leads to serious stomach diseases and problems such as ulcers and gastritis.


Brain Damage

Water plays a key role in balancing the pH of the body. Water dehydration leads to an imbalance of some of the electrolytes found in the body such as potassium and sodium. The imbalance of these electrolytes leads to severe consequences such as damage to the brain cells. It can also lead to heart attacks.


High and Low Blood Pressure

Drinking plenty of water is vital in removing toxins from the bloodstream leading to good blood circulation. Therefore, lack of water in the body will lead to poor blood circulation in the body as blood alone is not sufficient to fill the capillaries, veins, and arteries.


oldPremature Aging

As stated earlier, our bodies are made up of 70% water. It, therefore, means water runs through the skin. Water dehydration will reduce the ability of your body to fight free radicals produced by the sun leading to premature aging of the skin as well as the internal organs.…

Benefits Of Alkaline Water


Alkaline water provides benefits that increase health benefits to the body. Not only does it keep us healthy, but it has also been found to cure some diseases. The benefits are many and here are some of them;

Detoxifies The Body

Alkaline water has been found to wash away toxins that may be harmful to the body and causes diseases. Drinking plenty of it is, therefore, vital when it comes to promoting good health. Drinking eight glasses of alkaline water in a day is a foundation for the detoxification process. Detox programs recommend purchasing an alkaline water machine or water filter to make sure that the water is free from harmful impurities.

Boosts The Immune System

Keeping the body in an alkaline state is a sure way to keep the immune system. The reason is, free radicals are being neutralized therefore harmful toxins are being flushed from the system. The immune system works better when there are no harmful toxins.

Aids In Weight Loss

For those who have problems with their weight, they can take alkaline water. Intake of junk food that most people make nowadays creates the buildup of acid in the body. The body, therefore, creates more fat cells to neutralize the acids. The result is weight gain. When individuals take alkaline water, the acids in the body are neutralized naturally. Therefore, there is no need for the body to create fat cells. Alkaline water, therefore, aids in weight loss because fat storage is reduced. In addition to that, a body that has healthy alkaline levels loses weight easily compared to a body that has a high standard of acidity.

Helps To Control Diabetes

Studies have shown that there is a relationship between sugar intake and alkaline water. A doctor in Japan has been treating his diabetes patients with alkaline water. He says that drinking the water for a month can bring down sugar levels to an undetectable level. The sugar levels will be maintained and stabilized.

Helps To Fight Cancer

Cancer cells do not live in an environment that has neutral PH levels. Studies have shown that cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Therefore alkaline balance in the body is required to prevent the growth of malignant cells. Taking alkaline water will help to keep the acid levels in the body neutral. For a healthy body, a PH of 7.0 to 7.2 should be maintained and drinking alkaline water will help the body to achieve that.…