Emotional eating happens when you have unyielding cravings as a result of you being in a weak state emotionally. Here is how you can control emotional eating.

Do Not Eat If You Are Not Hungry

The case with most emotional eaters is that they do not eat when they are hungry but tend to eat so much even whenthey are not hungry. This is because their emotions are at a very low point. Make it a point to eat when you are hungry and eat healthy foods. Being an emotional eater will make your body good at storing fat and bad at losing or burning it which is why weight gain goes hand In hand with emotional eating. Eating when you are hungry will make sure your body understands that it is alright to shed off some weight

Pay Attention To Your Emotions

Do not abandon yourself or get lost in your feelings. Pay attention to them. Find out what it is that these feelings are trying to tell you and find a way to deal with them. If you pay attention to your emotions, be it sadness or anger, you will see that there is something that you lack that you can take care of it through other ways other than overeating.

Take Care Of Yourself

Make sure that you learn how to take care of yourself. Learn how to pamper yourself. Use the principle of pleasure. Find ways to make yourself feel good. Take long warm baths, wear very comfortable clothes. Make sure you give your body the opportunity to feel good through ways other than eating. Emotional eating is simply the body trying to feel good. If you find that you are on a binge, take your time actually to enjoy the food, and you will find that it will be much harder to overindulge or eat to the point where it now becomes painful.

Prepare Accordingly For Binges

Make sure you understand what triggers you to overeat. If you are one of those people who eat a lot when they feel lonely, then make sure you are in the company of a friend when you feel like that feeling is about to come. Understand what triggers it and prepare for it. To avoid feeling deprived, make sure you always carry food. Make sure that you have enough healthy foods in your fridge and plan your calendar with exciting events and ensure you have sufficient time to relax.